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welcome on! No matter if you are looking for hedge plants, flowers or any kind of trees - in our excellent product range you will find all sorts of different plants for the balcony, the terrace or your garden. Pflanzmich is one of the biggest plant merchants in Germany as well as producer of plants and trees, grown in a tree nursery which is more than 4000 ha big. Immerse into the world of plants and let yourself be surprised by our rich range of products.

Just take a look into our catalogue where you can find thousands of plants.

Hedge plants

Cheap evergreen hedge plants like Ligustrum, European beech, hornbeam or slow growing hedges like box trees or yew trees [...]


Rhododendrons are most charming due to their floral variety and differing appearance. We regularly choose the most beautiful and offer them to our customers [...]


We offer roses of all kind, wild roses as good as cultivated variants.. we have a huge range in all forms and colors [...]


No matter if you are searching for fruit trees, giant reedwoods or weeping willows, we have almost every sort of tree, from small seedlings up to full-grown trees [...]